Warren & Revel
            Xmas 2012

Our 41st Anniversary Picture

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         The Peters Clan
       Thanksgiving 2010

Hi!!! Welcome to the Homepage of


**(A nickname I picked up in my computer golf tournament days on Prodigy.)**
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Warren Peters, La Mesa, CA. (as of 7-13-2016)
Formerly of Lakeside, CA. (as of 12-13-2013)
Formerly of La Mesa, CA. (as of 10-13-2013)
Formerly of Oroville, CA. (as of 4-8-2000)
Formerly of Anaheim, CA. (as of 8-27-1987)
Formerly of San Diego, CA. (as of 1-15-1981)
Formerly of Ontario, CA. (as of 2-8-1945)
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