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                          Golden State Division                                 Northeast Division
Las Vegas Expos
Home Town: Charlotte, North Carolina
Stadium: Jarry Park
William Cooper, Mgr.
Calcutta Indians
Home Town: Calcutta, India
Stadium: Tiger Stadium
Terry Gallagher, Mgr.

Wallyworld Wizards
Home Town: Wallingford, CT
Stadium: Oakland-Alameda County Stadium
Jack Sheehan, Mgr.
Clear Lake Shores Titans
Home Town: Clear Lake Shores, TX
Stadium: Ebbets Field
Randy Chronister, Mgr.
Oceanside Cardinals
Home Town: Vista, CA
Stadium: Jack Murphy Stadium
Carl Hause, Mgr.
Framingham Rug Rats
Home Town: Shrewsbury, MA
Stadium: Candlestick Field
Dave Vandal, Mgr.
Oroville Padres
Home Town: Oroville, CA
Stadium: New Comiskey Park
Warren Peters, Mgr.
New York Black Yankees
Home Town: New York, NY
Stadium: Crosley Field
Jimmy Morris, Mgr.
Zzyzx Geodes
Home Town: Somewhere, WA
Stadium: Old Comiskey Park
Mike Bishop, Mgr.
Springfield Isotopes
Home Town: Bedford, MA
Stadium: Camden Yards
Richard Fernald, Mgr.
                            Lone Star Division                                     Dixie Division
Utah Gas House Gang
Home Town: Lehi, UT
Stadium: Royals Stadium
Cody Castledale, Mgr.
Florida Pelicans
Home Town: Eau Gallie, FL
Stadium: Shibe Park
Jim Devlin, Mgr.

Houston Gunslingers
Home Town: Houston, TX
Stadium: Jacobs Field
Brian Cravens, Mgr.
Glen Wilton Evil Do'ers
Home Town: Glen Wilton, VA
Stadium: Exhibition Stadium
Doug Harris, Mgr.
Naugatuck Nuggets
Home Town: Naugatuck, CT
Stadium: Sportmans Park
Ken Pollock, Mgr.
Louisville Sluggers
Home Town: ???, Canada
Stadium: Fenway Park
Chris Holland, Mgr.
Portland Gladiators
Home Town: Vancouver, WA
Stadium: Forbes Field
Don Houston, Mgr.
Wilmington Powerhouse
Home Town: Wilmington, NC
Stadium: Griffith Stadium
Jay Pope, Mgr.
Seattle Rainiers
Home Town: Yelm, WA
Stadium: Seals Stadium
Kelly McMullen, Mgr.
Syracuse Amazin' Mets
Home Town: League City, TX.
Stadium: Milwaukee County Stadium
Vince Loffredo, Mgr.
                            Heartland Division                                     Northwest Division
Cabrini Green Acres
Home Town: Chicago, IL
Stadium: Anaheim Stadium
Paul Sapp, Mgr.
College View Diamonds
Home Town: Lincoln, NE
Stadium: Coors Field
Brian Carlson, Mgr.
Jimtown Jackhammers
Home Town: Fishers, IN
Stadium: Wrigley Field
Jim Barron, Mgr.
GHosts of '69
Home Town: Sandy, UT
Stadium: Dodger Stadium
Frank Anderson, Mgr.
Lafayette Shoe Salesmen
Home Town: Indianapolis, IN
Stadium: Baker Bowl
Aaron Bradshaw, Mgr.
New Canaan Brown Bombers
Home Town: The Woodlands, TX
Stadium: Colt Stadium
Gary Brown, Mgr.
Motown Wild Cats
Home Town: Fishers, IN
Stadium: Shea Stadium
Craig Newlin, Mgr.
Salem Witches
Home Town: Oakland, CA
Stadium: Polo Grounds
David Nemec, Mgr.
St. Louis Browns
Home Town: Baltimore, MD.
Stadium: Atlanta-Fulton Cty Stadium
Barry Sutherland, Mgr.
Maquoketa Mustangs
Home Town: Maquoketa, IO
Stadium: Yankee Stadium
Ray LeBlanc, Mgr.